Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photo set up

I thought I'd document what my photo set up looks like so I don't forget the next time I take pictures.:)

My studio is in a bit of chaos right now with all of the photo equipment out and up.
I went to the hardware store and bought a sheet of bead board and I sawed it with a handsaw (yay fun!) and used the front as the wall and the back side as the ground for my pictures. The planter I am using as a prop is actually a mug I bought on Etsy last year. It was a little too big to use for coffee but makes a beautiful planter!

The white board I am using as the ground in this picture is actually a shelf  I borrowed from my book case.   The sides are from a lightbox I purchased on ebay last was a small and boring but the material is good for diffusing the light on the objects.  The prop is a planter my aunt gave me and is about the size of a regular mug.

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